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Employee Surveys with Empuls

Build a winning workplace culture in 3 easy steps.

Gauge employee sentiment with eNPS and Pulse surveys, designed in collaboration with SHRM.


Get detailed insights to find cross-linkages between engagement, performance, and culture.


Use our recommended action plans to work on areas of improvement and fix issues causing disengagement.

Intuitive engagement surveys

Empuls surveys are designed in collaboration with experts at SHRM.

Allows employees to provide honest responses to questions with anonymous surveys.
Ensures reliability of user responses with researched and statistically tested questions.
Increases participation rates with short surveys that avoid responder fatigue and bias.
Open feedback
Includes open-ended questions to get detailed inputs on what's working and what's not.
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Employee listening tools to gather frequent feedback, get detailed insights, and take effective action

Guage employee loyalty with the eNPS survey

  • Gauge employee loyalty and get the eNPS with a single question
  • Get a breakdown of promoters, passives, and detractors
  • Take guided action to turn detractors into promoters and loyalists

Get deep insights with the employee pulse survey

  • Measure employee sentiment and engagement across four key areas
  • Get insights on what's affecting productivity, satisfaction, and culture
  • Use our recommendations and act quickly to improve engagement

Help employees seek 360-degree feedback

  • Allow employees to seek feedback from managers, peers, and subordinates
  • Help them get a 360-degree overview of their performance
  • Customize the survey templates to suit your unique needs

Listen to your employees at every stage in their lifecycle

Create opportunities for feedback at every employee touchpoint, from onboarding to exit. Send out conversational surveys personalized for each stage of the employee lifecycle and strategize your actions to elevate the employee experience.

Types of surveys throughout the Employee journey

Works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS/HRMS/HCM, and single sign-on tools.

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