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See how much value discount programs can deliver for your company and its employees

Discount programs drive great savings for your employees and a mind-blowing return on investment (ROI) for your organization. See what you could save by launching an exclusive discounts program with Empuls.
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Grocery & Home Necessities
Dineouts & Food Delivery
Health, Wellness & Sports
Fashion & Lifestyle
Travel & Entertainment
Electronics & Home Appliances

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Annual Savings for Employees
0/year  &  0/month
Annual Expenses
Savings from Discounts
Expenses After Discounts
With savings of $2000 from an average discount of 0%, the annual expenses reduce from $34,000 to at least $32,000. You can save more by choosing brands with higher discounts.
ROI For Your Company
Savings from Discounts
Empuls Annual Saas fee
$12 / employee
Return on Investment
By investing in a discounts platform like Empuls, which costs you just $12 /employee/year and delivers savings of at least ₹2000 / employee/year, you get a 240x return on your investment.

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