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Why do you need to deliver a stellar employee experience?
It's because great employee experience positively affects employee retention, performance and development.

Improving the employee experience is now a strategic priority for every organization and involves understanding how employees feel at every step of their journey with the organization.


of employees say their feelings about day-to-day work experience impact their productivity.


of workers said the employee experience impacts their ability to serve customers.


of employers said enhancing the employee experience will be a priority for the next 3yrs.


of employers are more likely to retain employees if they deliver a positive employee experience.

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What are the core elements of a holistic employee engagement strategy?

A holistic employee engagement strategy is an intersection of these six dimensions:

  • Communication - Encourage employee connection, communication, and collaboration
  • Empowerment - Empower people to seek and share feedback and solve problems creatively
  • Motivation - Deliver intrinsic and extrinsic motivation through appreciation and rewards
  • Wellbeing - Promote physical, mental, and financial wellbeing
  • Alignment - Align everyone with a company's mission, values, goals, and culture
  • Mastery - Foster a culture of continuous learning and growth
What makes Empuls an all-in-one employee engagement platform?

Empuls is built on four pillars of employee engagement, namely communication, alignment, empowerment, and motivation. Empuls' features - social intranet, engagement and lifecycle surveys, values and goals-based recognition, and delightful rewards enable a multi-dimensional approach to fixing disengagement. Empuls eliminates the hassles of investing in and managing multiple solutions to drive people initiatives that drastically cut down complexity and costs, and improve ROI.

What's unique about the way Empuls works?

Empuls is designed after the Deming cycle, an iterative approach that enables continuous improvement, and involves 4-steps:

  • Plan: Identify the organization's key objectives and values and align engagement goals with those objectives.
  • Do: Implement employee engagement programs that incentivize desired behaviors through positive reinforcement and motivation.
  • Check: Gather feedback from employees about what's working and what's not and identify areas of improvement.
  • Act: Course correct the engagement plan through data-driven actions to achieve better results for employees and the organization.
What is eNPS? How do companies improve eNPS with Empuls?

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a system to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty. It's a descendant of the customer Net Promoter Score or NPS introduced by Frederick Reichheld in 2003 to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Empuls' engagement survey provides the eNPS of your organization, which shows a cumulative score, a breakdown of promoters, passives, and detractors, and their distribution and trends across time periods and departments.

Taking it a step further, it evaluates performance across four engagement dimensions and fifteen sub-dimensions to show the biggest drivers for employee satisfaction/engagement along with actionable recommendations for areas of improvement.

How are Empuls rewards different?

For starters, Empuls rewards are curated with the sole purpose of delighting employees. By offering a wide array of choices across 20+ reward categories and more than 21,000 reward options in 75+ countries, you can drive real engagement and create memorable rewards experiences for your employees.

How does Empuls elicit participation and engagement?

Em, our AI bot, nudges employees to take proactive actions, such as welcoming new employees, sending birthday wishes, congratulating peers who receive awards, redeeming reward points, utilizing the reward budget to appreciate others, completing surveys on time, and more. Apart from this, Empuls lets you assign engagement scores for every employee action taken on the platform and create healthy competition by displaying each employee's cumulative score and rankings on a leaderboard.

How do I get started with Empuls?

There are two ways to get started with Empuls:

  • Sign up for a demo and get all your questions answered while our engagement experts take you through our platform. Get on board with one of our pricing plans and let our experts take you through the hassle-free setup.
  • You can start by directly signing up for our free trial and exploring the platform with your team. Use Empuls for 30 days and upgrade to one of our pricing plans. (Yes, we are quite confident that after 30 days of using Empuls you would want to get on board!).
Is my data safe on Empuls?

Empuls adheres to the highest standards of data security. Empuls is ISO 27001:2013 certified, adheres to SOC 2 compliance requirements, and is GDPR CPRA compliant.
For more information, please visit: https://help.empuls.io/resources/privacy-and-security

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